Cleaning Your Colour

Our Cleaning Chart outlines the recommended cleaning requirements of each colour.

NOTE: These are recommendations only and will vary depending on product use and weather exposure. Oil/grease spillages will require immediate cleaning.


Important Care & Cleaning Instructions

Don’t forget, immediately after installation you must thoroughly wash and scrub your Ekodeck+ to remove leftover dust from our finishing process. Not washing down your Ekodeck+ at this stage can result in excess cleaning later. Download our comprehensive Care Guide for more information.

Wash down procedure

A general clean is essential immediately after installation to remove tannins and surface debris from installation. To perform a general clean, scrub the deck in the direction of the grain with hot water mixed with dishwashing liquid or sugar soap using a medium bristle brush. Wash down thoroughly with a high-pressure washer or garden hose with a fan spray nozzle. Squeegee off the water and mop any wet areas.

You can use a pressure washer that is no greater than 1500 PSI and it should not be applied closer than 30cm from the decking surface. Use a normal fan nozzle and not a dirt blaster type nozzle.

Care & Cleaning Video

Essential Upkeep

The wash down procedure is not only recommended at the time of installation, but on a regular basis thereafter.

The deep textured grooves can collect dirt and dust, which when not regularly washed out, can form water marks once dried. It is therefore vital that all water runs off your deck after a wash.

NOTE: The use of any cleaning product can and may affect the colour of your Ekodeck+. Always test any cleaning product in an inconspicuous area of your deck before cleaning a large area.

Painting & Sealing

We do not recommend the use of any paint, stain, oil or any sealer on Ekodeck+, and the performance of any of the like applied to Ekodeck boards cannot be guaranteed.
For the complete instructions on how to care for your Ekodeck, download the Care & Maintenance PDF.

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