Ekologix Screening


Cleaning After Installation

Immediately after installation you must thoroughly wash down the screening. This step is necessary to remove excess sanding dust leftover from our finishing process.

Wash down procedure

A general clean is essential immediately after installation to remove tannins and surface debris from installation. To perform a general clean, scrub the screening in the direction of the grain with water mixed with dishwashing liquid or sugar soap using a medium bristle brush. Wash down thoroughly with a high-pressure washer or a garden hose with a fan spray nozzle.

Weathering & Colour Variation

The weathering process will vary according to exposure to different climates, sunlight and moisture. Ekologix Screening boards will usually achieve its fully weathered colour within 3-6 months. Slight colour variation between boards will occur and are considered normal and not a defect or fault. Our aim is to replicate the variations found in natural timber.

Thermal Deflection

Due to the nature of polymers this product may exhibit a slight thermal deflection between posts, which may occur within 3-6 months after installation. This can be caused by heat exposure to one side of a board as opposed to the other. The extent to which this occurs is dependent on several factors including climate and the direction which the screening is facing the sun. This phenomenon is not considered a product fault. You may wish to consider additional post support if this occurs.


Care & Maintenance

Sometimes dirt can build up on your screening, either from surrounding dirt from the environment or even pollution from road traffic. Most of the time a good rain shower will wash away the dirt build up. If you wish to clean it yourself Ekologix Screening can be cleaned by pouring hot water and lightly scrubbing the affected areas with a scrubbing brush. Rinse thoroughly with more hot water or a pressure washer until the water runs clear. For more stubborn stains add dish washing liquid.
Tip: A watering can is a good idea to help you control the hot water when pouring over the screening.

Painting & Sealing

We do not recommend the use of any paint, stain, oil or any sealer on Ekologix Screening, and the performance of any of the like applied to Ekologix Screening lengths cannot be guaranteed.
For the complete instructions on how to care for your Ekologix Screening, download the Care & Maintenance PDF.

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