How does Ekodeck compare to traditional timber decking?

Ekodeck is less likely to rot, warp, crack or splinter. This is because Ekodeck absorbs less water than timber and is therefore less likely to suffer from damage caused by water e.g. mould and rot. This comparison is made against a hardwood timber deck left untreated over the same time period as Ekodeck.

Will Ekodeck loose its colour or fade?

Ekodeck will lighten when exposed to water and sunlight, reaching its overall ‘weathered’ colour after 6-12 months, depending on the environment. Ekodeck will never fade to grey when left untreated by oil or paint, instead it will maintain its natural ‘weathered’ colour. This is based on a comparison against a timber deck left untreated and an Ekodeck left untreated in the same environmental conditions over the same period of time.

What kind of maintenance or cleaning is involved with Ekodeck?

Warm water mixed with bi-carb soda or sugar soap and a stiff bristle decking broom is usually all you need to clean Ekodeck. This will take care of the vast majority of stains. When it comes to treating tougher stains please refer to our comprehensive Care and Maintenance Guide.

What tools are required to install Ekodeck?

Standard wood working tools (e.g. mitre saw, cordless drill, router etc) can be used to cut, drill, saw, fasten and rout Ekodeck boards. You do not need any special tools to work with Ekodeck.

What type of fasteners should be used with Ekodeck?

We recommend using good quality stainless steel screws. You must pre-drill the screws and we recommend countersinking for a flush finish.

What is the minimum clearance underneath my Ekodeck?

We recommend a minimum clearance of 300mm from the ground. This allows sufficient airflow and ventilation beneath the deck to keep it cooler.

Can I install Ekodeck straight onto concrete?

It is strictly not recommended to install Ekodeck into concrete. Because of the composition of the material, it will naturally expand and contract and it gets marginally hotter than traditional timber decking. Ekodeck needs ventilation and space to keep it cool.

Can I use a nail gun?

Ekodeck is just as dense as good quality hardwood timbers. These timbers require pre-drilling and Ekodeck is no different. As a result please do not use nail guns on Ekodeck.

Can Ekodeck be used as joists?

No, Ekodeck cannot be used as joists and is not classified as a ‘structural’ or load bearing product.

Does Ekodeck get hotter than wood in summer?

Yes, Ekodeck gets marginally hotter than wood in summer. Plus, darker colours absorb more heat than lighter colours so please exercise care on hot days. As a general rule, if you wouldn’t go barefoot on a wooden deck on a 30+ degree day, please avoid doing so on Ekodeck.

Can Ekodeck’s surface be repaired if scratched?

Yes, minor scuffs, scratches and marks on Ekodeck can be repaired by sanding (24 to 40 grit sandpaper is recommended). Care should be taken to sand only along the grain direction of the deck. After sanding, we recommend the repaired area be washed. No further action such as sealing, oiling, etc, is necessary. Over sanding can result in unsightly areas being created and should be avoided.

Can I oil, paint or seal Ekodeck?

Oiling, painting or sealing is not recommended. If you choose to use these treatments, over time the oil may become patchy and the paint may crack and peel, forcing you to frequently reapply.
To preserve your Ekodeck, simply clean it at regular intervals according to the Ekodeck cleaning chart.

Can Ekodeck be pressure washed?

Yes, you can use a pressure washer that is no greater than 1500 PSI and it should not be applied closer than 30cm from the decking surface. Use a normal fan nozzle and not a dirt blaster type nozzle.

Where is Ekodeck made?

Ekodeck is designed and tested in Australia and manufactured in China under our stringent quality controls and monitoring.

How can I get samples?

Click on the Request a Sample section on our homepage and fill in your details. Alternatively you can email your request to info@ekologix.com.au

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