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Installation Safety

Before You Install

Before installing Ekodeck we recommend seeking the professional advice of a qualified builder, or decking installer. This will ensure that you are fully compliant with all local, state and national building codes in regards to the project you are about to undertake. For high volume traffic and commercial areas, we recommend obtaining the advice of a qualified builder for the correct installation gaps and spans for your specific project.


Storage and handling

Ekodeck planks should always be carried on their side edges for better support. Always exercise precaution and care when lifting Ekodeck planks and do not attempt to lift or carry more Ekodeck planks than can be safely handled in accordance with relevant OH&S requirements.


  • Care must be taken when cutting open Ekodeck straps to avoid causing damage.
  • Ekodeck boards must be supported at least every 600mm and laid flat, never on an angle, especially during transportation.
  • Ekodeck must not be dropped or dragged, as it may result in damage.
  • Ekodeck boards must be stored on a flat, dry surface and at least 100mm off the ground. It is very important that Ekodeck boards remain covered until it is time to use them for installation.

Safety Points


If you require more information on our safety testing please contact Ekologix Australia Pty Ltd directly. You can find our contact information in the “Contact Us” page of this website.


It’s important to download and read the following Ekodeck Installation Guide before beginning your installation. Download the Ekodeck Installation Guide.

Post Installation

Don’t forget, immediately after installation you must thoroughly wash and scrub your Ekodeck to remove leftover dust from our finishing process. Not washing down your Ekodeck at this stage can result in excess cleaning later.

Wash down procedure

A general clean is essential immediately after installation to remove tannins and surface debris from installation. To perform a general clean, scrub the deck in the direction of the grain with hot water mixed with dishwashing liquid or sugar soap using a medium bristle brush. Wash down thoroughly with a high-pressure washer or garden hose with a fan spray nozzle. Squeegee off the water and mop any wet areas.

The use of a pressure washer greater than 1,500 PSI and/or applied closer than 30cm from the decking surface could damage the deck. Do not use dirt blaster type nozzles.