Ekologix Garden Sleepers


Size & Colours

Item # Profile colour price
121089 150 x 50 x 1800mm EKO_SLEEPER_DARKBROWN Dark Brown price
121091 150 x 50 x 1800mm EKO_SLEEPER_HIGHLANDOAK Highland Oak price
121087 150 x 50 x 1800mm EKO_SLEEPER_REDROCK Red Rock price
121090 150 x 50 x 1800mm EKO_SLEEPER_GREYSTONE Greystone price

Features & Benefits

Projects For Ekologix Garden Sleepers

Our sleepers have been designed with the end consumer in mind, making them easy and versatile to use for a range of projects in your home. Some examples of applications or projects for Ekologix Garden Sleepers include:

  • Garden Beds
  • Garden Walls
  • Planter Boxes
  • Vegie Patches
  • Sand Boxes
  • Garden Edging
  • Decorative Landscape Applications