Ekologix Garden Sleepers


Cleaning Your Colour

Just like Ekodeck, the amount of cleaning your Ekologix Garden Sleepers requires will depend heavily on your choice of colour. Our darker colours require less upkeep than our lighter colours – like Highland Oak.
Our Cleaning Chart outlines the recommended cleaning requirements of each colour.

NOTE: These are recommendations only and will vary depending on product use and weather exposure.


Cleaning Chart

Colour Occasionally Regularly Often
Dark Brown
Highland Oak
Red Rock

Important Care & Maintenance Instructions

Don’t forget, immediately after installation it’s best practice to thoroughly wash and scrub your Garden Sleepers to remove leftover dust from our finishing process. Not washing down your Garden Sleepers at this stage can result in excess cleaning later.

Wash down procedure

You can use a pressure washer that is no greater than 1500 PSI and it should not be applied closer than 30cm from the decking surface. Use a normal fan nozzle and not a dirt blaster type nozzle.

Painting & Sealing

We do not recommend the use of any paint, stain, oil or any sealer on our Ekologix Garden Sleepers, and the performance of any of the like applied to the Garden Sleepers cannot be guaranteed.

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